IT Changelog – Spring 2019

TLDR:  we made a lot of changes over the past month.  Here are the most important things you should know:

archcomp Website:  A lot of changes have been made to the organization of the website and many of the pages, please familiarize yourselves. Information about PawPrint and how to install the printers has been added to the Printing menu.  A new page called “Account Tools” which allows you to Add Print Funds and Request Refunds, has also been added under the Printing menu. Finally, an “Archival Resources” page has been added for assistance in research.

Printing:  A new printing preview board has been put up in the Ground Floor printing room with lots of information, AI’s can now “Request Shared Printing Account” with a professor’s approval, printer drivers for CANONGND & CANON2ND have been updated so there are no errors printing 11×17/Tabloid.  Windows users: restart your computers, Mac users: remove all “ARC-” printers and reinstall Printer Deploy script.

Computer Lab:  User accounts from the previous semester have been reset, and there are no longer errors when logging into the iMacs for the first time.

Archive:  The iMacs with the archive database have been moved to the library.  If you would like to see any of the physical work in the database, please contact SoA IT.

Imaging Workshops:  There will now be 3 different types of workshops held many Fridays throughout the semester at 10am and 2pm.  Keep a look out for the invites to these workshops for more details.


All the details.

Website Updates:

  • “Getting Started” menu – intended for guests and new students.
    • Condensed installs to “Printers” and “Rhino”
  • “Software” menu – Installation instructions, download links, and list of software supported by SOA IT Department.
    • “What is available?” – all software installed on computers in the lab, installation instructions/download links for software available to students
    • “Popular Installs” menu – most requested installs by students
  • “Printing” menu – tips & tricks, tools for managing PaperCut account, installation instructions, PawPrint documentation, SOA Printing documentation
    • “Install Printers” – simplified process of selecting printers to install for your computer, added PawPrint installation instructions.
    • “More Information” – more detailed documentation of SOA printing equipment, pricing, and tracking procedures.
      • NEW – “PawPrint” – PawPrint installation instructions, frequently asked questions page, and printer locations list
    • “Account Tools” – printing tools and request forms have been moved here to consolidate all account management links to one location.  This includes “Add Funds”, “Request Refund”, and “Request Shared Printing Account.”
  • NEW – Archival Resources – references added under “Resources > Archival Resources”

 Printing Updates

  • NEW – Printing Quality/Materials Board – see which printer/plotter is best to print on for your project.  Each printer/plotter and material combination is represented to assist you when preparing to print.  Prices are also shown.
  • NEW – Printer names added to printers/plotters for easier identification
  • NEW – “Request Shared Printing Account” – AI’s can now request a shared printing account be created for printing class/studio projects for a professor.  This allows the AI to print without using their own personal printing funds.
  • ARC-CANONGND & ARC-CANON2ND printer drivers updated.  This will allow 11×17 and Tabloid documents to print without issues.
    • Windows users, please restart your computers
    • Mac users, please remove all “ARC-XXXX” printers from your computer and reinstall the Printer Deploy v2 script.  Your browser may think the file isn’t safe, choose to Keep the file and proceed to unzip and install it.  Please disregard any errors that may appear.
  • Printing & Plotting Tips – entering the custom page size for printing to the Oce plotters has been updated. Use  Long Edge First, and the ‘width’ value should be the edge of your document nearest the length of the paper roll.
  • Old 3D printer cabinet in the 2nd Floor Printing Room has been removed.

Computer Lab Updates

  • Users accounts have been cleared from Computer Lab machines due to shortage of drive space.
  • There are no longer errors when logging into iMacs ARC-SOALAB1, 2, 13, & 14.
  • The 2 Digital Archive iMacs that were previously located in the Computer Lab have now been relocated to the Southeast corner of the Architecture Library next to the chalkboard.

Archive Updates

  • NEW – Archival Resources – references added under “Resources > Archival Resources”
  • The 2 Digital Archive iMacs that were previously located in the Computer Lab have now been relocated to the Southeast corner of the Architecture Library next to the chalkboard.

SoA Shop Updates

  • Defragmented and optimized all computers in Laser Cutter Room



Printing & Plotting Tips

Things to remember when printing:

  • Open files in and print from Adobe Acrobat, not Microsoft Edge
  • Flatten Layers and Optimize files in Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator
  • Make sure “choose paper source by PDF page size” is not checked
  • Is your orientation correct (Portrait vs Landscape)?
  • Is your custom page size correct?  For the Oce plotters, make sure to select ‘Long Edge First’ and double-check custom page size.
    • The width should be the edge of your document that is closest to the width of the roll you are printing on. (~36″ or ~42″)
    • The length should be the other edge of your document.
  • Will your file/image/rendering/document fit on the roll of paper in the selected plotter (36” vs 42”)?
  • If you use your own paper or sheets, make sure to reload the original roll!

Is your print not going through? 

Make sure the PaperCut Client is running.
You will see the PaperCut Client window in the top right corner if it’s logged in and running.  If you don’t see it running, start the client by doing the following:

On a Mac navigate to Applications>PCClient.

On Windows, navigate to Start Menu>PaperCut NG>PaperCut NG Client.


Check the printer queue on your computer. 
The icon of the printer queue, a printer, will appear next to your system’s clock and can be hidden at times.  Click the arrow next to the small icons if you don’t see it.  Click the icon to open it.  Once opened, clear out any jobs that are in the queue.  Try printing your job again.


The Canon Copier has an issue when printing 11×17 or Tabloid.

Windows users, please restart your computers

Mac users, please reinstall the Printer Deploy script located here.  It has been updated accordingly.  Please disregard any errors that may appear.


NEW – Printer Deploy Script for macOS Mojave (10.14)

For those of you who have brand new Mac devices, or for those that have recently updated to macOS Mojave (10.14), congratulations!  You have Apple’s most recent OS and the glamorous addition of Dark Mode.  Unfortunately, it killed our previous Printer Deployment script here at the SoA.  Good news though!  We’ve whipped up a new version of the Printer Deployment Script for devices running Mojave!  Better yet, it includes a progress bar so you know what stage the installation is at!  *thunderous applause* 

TLDR:  macOS Mojave (10.14) killed our printer deployment script so we made a new one.  It is available on the server along-side the original script and all original instructions are still valid.

If you have any questions about the script or instructions let us know.

-IT Staff


Request a Print Refund


Did your file not print?  Did you send a file twice by accident?  Were there issues with what came out of the printer?  Request a print refund!  We will refund any print jobs that resulted in printer hardware/software error or if the job never printed.

To request a refund follow the link below to login to your PaperCut dashboard. 

  1. Request a Refund
  2. Once logged in, you will see your Recent Print Jobs.  If not, select “Recent Print Jobs” in the menu to the left.
  3. Next to each print job, in the right-most column, you will have the option to “Request Refund.” Click it.
  4. Fill out the form and click Submit.

Once your refund has been processed, the funds will return to your PaperCut account.


Install ArcGIS

Image result for arcgis

Documentation on how to obtain and install ArcGIS on your personal computer is now available!  ArcGIS is licensed through Princeton University and is available to all students, faculty, and staff.  To install, follow the link:

Install ArcGIS (Windows Only)

Microsoft Office 365 Download

Image result for office 365

You can download Microsoft Office 2016 (Office 365) for your personal computers.  The link has been added to the University IT Links section of the website.  All you have to do is login with your Princeton University email & password.  The following page should display a “Download Apps” button.  From there, you just have to install the suite on your computer.